Why it Works

The Problem: The Center of the Pot.

Roots of all plant species need oxygen for growth, health, and high yields. In nature, the essential supply of oxygen comes mainly from air diffusion through soil.

However, in the case of potted plants, oxygen is restricted especially in the interior core of the container—the dangerous anoxic zone.

Humans have used plant containers, predominantly of the same simple 'crock' design for plant cultivation for over 4,000 years. Because the crock design is easy to fabricate, this straightforward model has gone unchanged for centuries.

Solution: Root Warrior an Anti-bacterial Aeration Chamber

Root-Warrior technology works by introducing a cavity inside the container where gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere can take place. This allows microbes to fix gaseous nitrogen well below the soil line, providing roots with continued nutrition all the way to the bottom of the container.

The Root Warrior's aeration chamber achieves dramatic results with no additional care. It balances water and oxygen.  Simple, easy to use. Plants grow larger and faster. 

The Root Warrior completely aerates the soil promoting growth, healthy root systems, healthier plants.

It's compatible with plant containers on the market.  Including Fabric Pots which aerate from the container side walls. 

Pots/Bags + Root Warrior = healthy happy plants.