Upper Reservoir A

Retains water for young plant roots releasing reserved water by capillary action into soil pores as the container surface dries.

Primary Oxygen Exchange Channels B

Assists the movement of water through the soil to reach Field Capacity. Field capacity is the amount of water remaining in the soil after large pores have drained. Field capacity is the ideal state for plant growth. Soil water held at field capacity is readily available to plants and sufficient air is present in large pores for root and microbial respiration.

Lower Reservoir C

Holds water for the roots of mature plants as the nutritional demand of photosynthesis for reproduction of flowers and fruit increases.

Air Flow Riser D

Permits unobstructed airflow into the main aeration chamber.

Main Aeration Exchange Chamber E

Overflow F

If the container is over-watered, excessive water flows out here.

Nutrient Channels G

The channels collect and save mobile nutrients and wanted chemicals that are lost from the soil.