Why and How it Works.

Why it Works.

No other product channels oxygen to the center of the container

Roots of all plant species and their symbiotic soil microbes (beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae) need oxygen for growth, health, and fruit yields. In nature, the essential supply of oxygen comes mainly from air diffusion through the soil.

However, in the case of potted plants, oxygen is restricted, especially in the interior core of the container--this is the dangerous anoxic or dead zone. The lack of oxygen in the dead zone impedes healthy root and microbial development. Potted plants are also susceptible to soil compaction, which causes additional oxygen deficiencies.

Root Warrior technology introduces a central cavity so gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere can take place. This allows microbes to fix gaseous nitrogen well below the soil line, providing roots with microbial nutrition all the way to the bottom of the container.

Oxygen will now reach the roots & soil microorganisms giving your plants a chance to grow stronger and with higher Brix values.