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Take advantage of wholesale pricing and support.  As a retailer, you're part of our team.  And like a team, we're here to help you succeed. Help your customers achieve high nutrient rich plants. Container Gardens. Fabric Grow Bags. Raised Beds and In-Ground. 

Have a question about selling the Root Warrior in your store? 

Here are answers to questions that retailers are asking.


What is the difference between Root Warrior and the competition?

Containers restrict oxygen in their interior core forming an anoxic zone that can develop bacteria attacking the root system. The Root Warrior technology works by introducing a cavity (an aeration chamber) inside the container where drainage is optimized and gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere can quickly take place. The aeration chamber completely eliminates the anoxic (dead) zone preventing bacteria formation. Maintaining a perfect air and water balance to encourage the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and root systems. As a result, the Root Warrior enables the plant to achieve higher nutrient and mineral density.   100% Food Safe. Easy to Use. Reusable. 

What is Brix?

Brix [oB] is a measure of sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins in tomatoes, vegetables and plants.

Consider store bought tomatoes pumped-up with chemicals fertilizers, showered in pesticides, picked green, gas-ripened, and shipped 1000's of miles.  

Alternatively, the Root Warrior can help you achieve Hi-Brix, great tasting nutrient dense produce all organically. Simple to use and reusable. 

If I sell Root Warrior products, will it help my store sell other items?

Yes.  The Root Warrior will contribute to other sales in your store, including pots, grow bags, plants, soil, seeds, accessories and more.  Growing healthy plants with Root Warrior keeps your customers coming back.

Can I buy through a Distributor?

Soon.  For now, contact us direct and our team will help you become one of the family. 

Who Else Sells the Root Warrior?

Amazon, Petitti Garden Centers, Lowe's, Walmart....to name a few and retailers online worldwide.  You'll find them at the Top 100 Independent Garden Centers to popular brand chain stores because our customers ask for them time and time again.  

How do I contact you and where are you located?

We're located in Eastern Oregon. Contact Taunya  and ask her how you can become part of the Team.