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Contact:  Taunya Miller



What is the difference between Root Warrior and the competition?

No other product channels oxygen to the center of the container to support root systems. Science proves that oxygen must reach the roots and soil microorganisms to grow healthy plants. In the absence of oxygen, root growth stops and over time roots begin to die. 

If I sell Root Warrior products, will it help my store sell other items?

Yes.  Bundle with pots & containers, raised beds, plants, soil and accessories to contribute & increase sales in your store.  DIY Container Workshops and pre-planted containers with the Root Warrior Inside.  Kids Workshops, How-to Seminars teach how plants require a balance of oxygen and water.

Can I sell Root Warriors in Sets and Individual Units?

Yes, we offer both Sets and Individual units.  

Sets:  4-Small  3-Medium  2-Large. Clear secured-clable. Retail Display Ready.

Root Warriors should be displayed throughout your store near Containers, Pots, Plants, Soil, Accessories & Gifts .

Do you have Marketing Material?

Yes.  Complimentary full color Brochure and How-To-Use 4"x 9" Post Cards for display.  Brochure explains how it works, engineering and science behind the Root Warrior and benefits for your customers. 

Is the Root Warrior food safe for vegetable, herb and fruits gardens?

Yes.  100% food safe. 

What is Brix?

Brix [oB] is a measure of sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins in tomatoes, vegetables and plants.  Including Houseplants.  

Root Warrior can help achieve Hi-Brix, great tasting nutrient dense produce all organically. 

Can I buy through a Distributor?

For now, contact us direct.  

Who Else Sells the Root Warrior?

Independent Garden Centers in the USA to popular brand chain stores nationwide. 

On-Line Worldwide - ie...Amazon, Ship My Plants, PublicSq, Walmart and The Grommet. - to name a few.

Petitti Garden Centers in Nine Locations serving the Cleveland, Akron-Canton, and Youngstown communities.  Root Warrior Flagship Store.

How do I contact you and where are you located?

Corporate and Sales: New York City and Seattle.

Contact:  taunya@plantwarrior.com 541-371-9982