have you ever looked twice at a traditional pot?

we did.

some would say it's good enough. others didn't take a second look.

we took a second look. it's not good enough.

traditional pots have not changed in over 4000 years.

your plants can't breathe. overwatered roots drown. plants do not survive. so we designed and engineered a solution. The Root Warrior.

eliminates overwatering and waterlogged soil to optimize air and water balance, provides microbial nutrition all the way to the bottom of the planter, container or raised bed.

Simple to Use. Reusable. Safe for Food.

Houseplants. Vegetables. Tomatoes. Herbs. Fruits. Berries. Flowers. Shrubs. Roses.

Available Now: Amazon. Lowe's. Walmart. Petitti Garden Centers - Ohio and Independent Garden Centers Nationwide.

Commercial Growers - Contact us for volume pricing & delivery.


Designed with Oxygen Exchange Channels that optimize air and water balance in... 

What Root Warrior Growers are saying....


    I planted two Palo Alto Heirloom tomatoes in a raised bed with the same sun exposure, one with the ROOT WARRIOR™ 6 INCH the other without (right). The one with RW grew 3 feet higher and is still alive at the end of the season. I’ll use them under all my tomatoes next season.


    Palo Alto California


    I ordered originally as a spacer for my outdoor plants however to my surprise they're much more. Not only will they save you money on expensive soils they will oxygenate the roots and keep your plants much happier. I recommend these to everyone that I meet, they're just that Fabulous.


  • Great material and fast shipping.

    Every year I refresh my soil in garden pots. Every year I have a huge ball of roots in the bottom that have rot and are a tangled mess. Trying something new this year. Root warrior seems like a great fix allowing my plants to breath and drain properly. Arrived very quick with a hand written note and free gift. I love healthy plants and supporting small businesses. 100% recommend this seller and product.

    Rachel J

    May 10 2023-Amazon

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