Achieve Hi-Brix Growing System for all your plants. Improve and Elevate your day to day.

Eliminates Root Spiraling. Resolves Drainage. Prevents Overwatering.

Container Gardens. Grow Bags. Raised Beds.

  • Vitamin Drinks

    Hi-Brix Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs offer better flavor and taste.

    Root Warrior 
  • Vegetables. Your Move.

    Root Warrior is designed for you to grow it yourself.

    Why it Works 
  • Okra Best Tasting Ever.

    Hi-Brix fruits, vegetables, and berries are nutritionally superior. Good for busy people & families who want to eat healthy.

    How it Works 
  • Growing System for your Family.

    Children love to eat vegetables and fruits that taste good.


What Root Warrior Growers are saying....


    I planted two Palo Alto Heirloom tomatoes in a raised bed with the same sun exposure, one with the ROOT WARRIOR™ 6 INCH the other without (right). The one with RW grew 3 feet higher and is still alive at the end of the season. I’ll use them under all my tomatoes next season.


    Palo Alto California


    I ordered originally as a spacer for my outdoor plants however to my surprise they're much more. Not only will they save you money on expensive soils they will oxygenate the roots and keep your plants much happier. I recommend these to everyone that I meet,they're just that Fabulous.



    Root Warrior really works. My strawberry and basil plants tasted better than ever before & I've been growing for 30+ years. Bigger berries and a healthier plant. Gift from a friend and I'll definitely buy my own for tomatoes, peppers and all my houseplants.

    Eleni. Utah

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