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About Us


We engineer new products, testing technologies, fulfilling orders and providing customer services. We're tucked away in the northeast corner of Wallowa County Oregon surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area, glacier-carved Wallowa Lake, and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.

Founded in 2009 by Taunya Miller, The Plant Warrior Company technologies are based on open-field hydrology—the study of the properties and movement of the earth's water and its relationship on atmospheric gases needed for horticulture. Our objective of this research is to increase gardening success.

Therefore, our engineering goals focus on water and oxygen movement into soil, water conservation, in-soil water redistribution, and the micro conditions that drive photosynthesis. For container gardening, the result of these studies is a mechanical aeration system that enables plant root systems to more easily absorb oxygen and soil nutrients for healthier more productive plants without messing with chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.

What does this mean to you?  Well, our About US is really all About You. Our research and products will bring you more container gardening ideas and victories with healthier vegetables and more brilliant flowers and houseplants. Please stay in touch all year long as we bring new ideas from our website to the marketplace.

Taunya Miller, Founder