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War Gardens ~ Over The Top.



Hey, we're talking to you…

What if vegetables could talk? Here's a great song with a moral theme: "Eat Healthy. Eat vegetables and fruits."


Here's a funny thought, what if a vegetable could talk? A carrot would say, "Eat me up today" A radish would groan, "Don't leave me alone" The lettuce would mention, "Please give me some attention" If a vegetable could talk,

Here's a funny thought, what if a fruit could talk? An apple would say, "I keep the doctor away" An orange would plead, "I'm just what you need" The banana would squeal, "Please give me a peel" If a fruit could talk,

Here's a funny thing, what if a vegetable could sing? A tomato would croon, "Please eat me up soon" A potato would roar, "Why don't you have some more?" You might hear a shout from a tasty Brussels sprout If a vegetable could sing,

Here's a funny thing, what if a fruit could sing? A cherry would yell, "I'm sweet, can't you tell?" A grape would chime, "I'm good all the time" You might hear a screech, from a wonderful peach If a fruit could sing,

So please listen to me Remember to eat All of your fruits and veggies You'll see, it's so fun to be healthy Let's eat our fruits and veggies, you and me.

Credits: Beau Hirshfield, Justin Benoit, Alana Chirino []

Made in the USA from 100% cotton

This Over the Top Tee is a great gift and educational excursion for children and grandchildren. When you or your children wear this image of escaping vegetables, you're giving everyone a huge conversational lesson in the best and worst side of humanity. And you're helping our Vets!

Among the posters created to support the War Garden Commission were some designed for the United States School Garden Army by Maginel Wright Enright Barney, that urged children to also get involved in growing food for the home front. What makes her posters unique are the anthropomorphic vegetables either marching in step with the youthful farmer or running in terror from the child who wields the hoe.


• 100% jersey cotton

• Durable ribbed neckband

• Side-seamed for a fashionable custom contoured fit

• Not intended for sleepwear

• Fabric weight is 4.3 ounces/yd2.


Unisex Size Chest-to-Fit
S Small 34" to 37"
M Medium 38" to 41"
L Large 42" to 45"

For other colors please go to our contact page and let us know what you would like.

Victory Garden Art to Help our Vets

  • Title: War Gardens over the Top
  • Artist: Maginel Wright Enright (1877-1966)
  • Created/Published: (1919) National War Garden Commission, Washington D.C.
  • Medium: Lithographic print: Poster printed in 4-color process. 74 x 57 cm.
  • Summary: Poster shows boy with hoe chasing fleeing vegetables to illustrate the success of growing food in local "victory gardens." Part of the National War Garden Commission's campaign to encourage Americans to raise more food and free resources for the United States military needs in World War I.
  • Reproduction Number: LC-USZC4-3690 (color film copy transparency)
  • Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA.

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