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Root Warrior 3.5"

Root Warrior 3.5"


Inventory Sets. (Need mix and match, please contact us)

 Description  Refill for 3.5" Root Warrior
 Contents  30 count 3.5" Root Warriors
 Item Id  RWR-3-0217
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When your customers ask, "Do you carry the Root Warriors?" What will you say?

Of course, and as many as you need!

Here's why you should keep plenty of inventory:

It's Innovative—effective answers to old problems

It's Trendy—a surging interest in container gardening

Pull Through Effect—encourages associated product sales

Great Margins—solid keystone with pre-order discounts

It's Compact—small display footprint

It's Lightweight—easy to handle

It's Educational—perfect for plant demonstrations

It's Year Around—used indoors and outdoors

It's Quality—high quality manufacturing

Phenomenal success, phenomenally simple

Really Easy Terms

  • Buy Packaged Sets: Free Shipping
  • Minimum Order: One set
  • Payment Terms: Major credit card.
  • Mix and Match Sets: email for pricing
  • Get Inventory: Keep inventory levels full!
  • Delivery: August 2017-first order in, first order out
  • Cancellations: Up to December 31, 2017
  • Freight Damage: Replaced immediately.

Customers Love It

From Crystal in Port Orchard, Washington.

"First of all…I Love…Love…Love the Root Warrior! I started on June 22 and by August 28 I had a floral bonanza. My Dahlias have never looked so fabulous. I have received compliments from all over!"

This beauty is called Myrtle's Folly!


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