Alpaca Natural Fertilizer Brew Tea Bags - 4 Pack MSRP

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  • Instruction Card Included with every Tea Bag.

Alpaca Manure is one of the best manures on the market. Chock-full of all the macronutrients necessary for vigorous plant growth and a rich soil conditioner when you include the Root Warrior improving the soil with its ability to retain water.

Vegetables, house plants, flowering, greenery, hemp and cannabis....just to name a few.

Alpaca “beans” are small concentrated pellets of three macronutrients (NPK) that slow-release within the soil making them great for vegetable gardens, long-flowering plants and excellent for medical plants. It’s this slow release combined with low organic matter that allows alpaca manure to be applied directly to plants.

Make a simple Natural Alpaca Tea for soil drenching or apply directly to the soil in outdoor gardens or container gardens (indoor & outdoor).