Root Warrior™ 6 Inch

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The goal of in-ground and container-grown gardening is to grow healthy plants and vegetables rich in flavor and nutrients.  No other product channels oxygen to the plant roots and soil microorganisms.  The Root Warrior™ helps all your plants including tomatoes and vegetables reach higher Brix values, great tasting nutrient dense produce.  Organically. No fuss. No assembly.    

Consider that grocery store tomatoes are pumped-up with chemical fertilizers, showered in pesticides, picked green, gas-ripened, and shipped 1000’s of miles.

Alternatively, the Root Warrior can help you achieve Hi-Brix, great tasting nutrient dense produce all organically.

What is Brix [oB]?  It's the measure of sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins in plants, tomatoes and vegetables.

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