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Fabulous Container Dahlias

Dahlias. Root Warrior Container Gardens. Love Dahlias.

Container Dahlias...a Success Story

Crystal from Port Orchard, Washington loves Dahlias.

"First of all…I love…love…love the Root Warrior! My Dahlias have never looked so fabulous. I have received compliments from all over! Raising Dahlias with the Root Warrior even surpassed my in-ground experience. The stalks were much stronger so I didn't have to stake them and some are now over 5 feet tall."

"It's been an amazing prolific year that I literally have given bouquet after bouquet to everyone around me. The Root Warrior worked so well, I am considering planting other plants with them as well."—Crystal

When she learned about the Root Warrior, Crystal new instinctively that this was the perfect solution for container Dahlias. Just look at Crystal's first season results. Now she loves the Root Warrior.

Unlike in-ground gardens where nature manages water and oxygen in the soil, the semi-enclosed design of traditional containers creates an anoxic zone that is highly susceptible to bacterial growth.

Horticulturists describe the anoxic zone as an oxygen deficient zone where soil microorganisms produce musty-smelling ethylene C2H4. The culprits are a group of bacteria belonging to the genera Rhizobium collectively referred to as rhizobia. These ethylene concentrations evoke plant responses resulting in decreased fruit and flower development.

Lack of oxygen in the root zone of plants also causes their root tissues to decompose. Usually this occurs from the tips of roots, and results in roots that appear as if they have been pruned. The consequence is that the plant’s growth and development is stalled. If the anaerobic circumstances continue for a week or more the plant eventually dies.

Unfortunately, further waterlogging-induced root pruning and/or dry conditions may weaken the plant to the extent that productivity will be very poor.

Root Warrior™ technology works by creating a cavity inside the container where gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere can take place. This allows beneficial microbes to fix gaseous nitrogen well below the soil line, which provides the roots with continued nutrition in the center and all the way to the bottom of the container.

Besides the increased nutrition, root growth is accelerated by the increased presence of gaseous oxygen and carbon dioxide; O2 is required to gain energy for ATP synthesis (oxidative phosphorylation) and sufficient CO2 is now available for carbon fixation.

Moreover, Root Warrior™ achieves dramatic results with no additional care and is compatible with the large majority of plant containers on the market. Plants grow larger and faster, all while using less soil. For gardeners who demand the fastest growth, the biggest blooms, and the most succulent fruit and vegetables, Root Warrior™ technologies make life a little sweeter.

In sum, the Root Warrior™ solves the problem that has plagued virtually all plant containers since antiquity: poor soil aeration due to soil compaction and lack of ventilation. By providing a large surface area for deep soil to interact with the atmosphere (interior soil elevation), the Root Warrior™ makes the entire volume of a typical plant container an environment where roots and beneficial symbionts thrive.

Simple. Effective. Low-Cost. Indoors. Outdoors. Perfect.

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